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What is my #1 Tip for staying on track with your Nutrition?

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If you are a busy mom (or dad) like me, and you are passionate about feeding your family healthy meals but have limited time, this tip is made just for you.  

When I feed my family well, I feel good.  When my family eats well, they feel good.  We do the best we can to limit added sugar and eat adequate protein and veggies.

Here is my #1 tip for success when trying to feed your family healthy meals while on the go with all the stressors of life:


This doesn't mean you have to eat the same meal several times, but the base of the meal (protein) can be the same for several meals.  This method also helps you have "ready to go" meals available in the freezer.  

When cooking any protein for a meal, double (or triple) the batch.  You can freeze the extra, or make multiple meals from the same protein.

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4lbs of chicken will be used for upcoming meal, and the rest divided into bags that will be frozen.  They can be pulled out to make single meals for me or lunches for the kids. 

Brown double the needed hamburger. One skillet is used for the upcoming meal and the second skillet will be ready for a meal later in the week.

Here, the entire meal is doubled to be prepared for another night in near future. Pick a night you have less activity to prep for night when you have many activities. 

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In this example, you can see how a bulk package of chicken easily made 4 different meals for our family over the course of the week.

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