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- A state of things in which chance is supreme


A class where anything goes.  Be prepared for any exercise at any time.  Strength Training, cardio, balance and agility will all happen here.

- Fighting


A high energy class that will challenge you with fast paced cardio movements using martial arts techniques. You will build stamina and improve coordination while working your mind and muscles.

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- Make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe.


A series of stretches and poses to leave your muscles feeling long, lean, and relaxed


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-To ride


A bike focused, cardiovascular workout that will torch calories and challenge you through a varied terrain ride.


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-lift (a weight) using the hands, wrists, and legs.


Focused strength training to build muscle throughout the muscle



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-Serving as a standard of excellence


A slower paced circuit class that incorporates strength training, balance and flexibility. 


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