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Shannon Olberding, owner 


Shannon is AAAI ISMA certified in the following areas:

  • Aqua Instructor Certification

  • Phase I and Phase II Yoga Instructor Certification

  • Strength Conditioning & Weight Training Consultant Certification

  • Cycling Instructor Certification

  • Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

  • Older Adult Fitness Trainer Certification

  • Kickboxing Instructor Certification

  • Small Group Fitness Trainer Certification

  • Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification

What You Should Know

Group fitness can be used by anyone. There is no age limit, no fitness criteria, no minimum level of fitness to begin.  Group fitness exercises are always adaptable to different fitness levels.  Working out in the group setting can be fun, motivational, and exciting.  All participants have started somewhere, but the decision to start lies with you!


To Enroll

To enroll in classes, or for more information, please contact

Shannon Olberding

(402) 340-2187

Or find us on facebook